Yahoo! Messenger Hidden Emoticons!

Yahoo! Messenger Hidden Emoticons!

Bosan dengan emoticon ) yang biasa kamu pake di yahoo messenger? kamu bisa nyobain Yahoo! Messenger Hidden Emoticons! atau emoticon tersembunyi yang nggak akan kamu temukan di menu emoticon yahoo messenger. Emoticon ini bisa kamu pake dengan mengetikkan karakter tertentu untuk masing-masing Hidden Emoticons. Misalnya kode :(|) untuk monkey

You won’t find these in the emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the symbols directly into an instant message.

puppy dog eyes - New! :o3 puppy dog eyes – New! praying [-O< praying
I don't know - New! :-?? I don’t know – New! money eyes $-) money eyes
not listening %-( not listening whistling :-“ whistling
pig :@) pig feeling beat up b-( feeling beat up
cow 3:-O cow peace sign :)>- peace sign
monkey :(|) monkey shame on you [-X shame on you
chicken ~:> chicken dancing \:D/ dancing
rose @};- rose bring it on >:/ bring it on
good luck %%- good luck hee hee ;)) hee hee
flag **== flag chatterbox :-@ chatterbox
pumpkin (~~) pumpkin not worthy ^:)^ not worthy
coffee ~O) coffee oh go on :-j oh go on
idea *-:) idea star (*) star
skull 8-X skull hiro o-> hiro
bug =:) bug billy o=> billy
alien >-) alien april o-+ april
frustrated :-L frustrated yin yang (%) yin yang

Yahoo! Messenger Hidden Emoticons!

– Yuda mahendra Asmara –

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